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John Shepard ( - Fri Oct 29, 2010 14:15:38 GMT - 1129
''Note to self: don't read Rastport's message board before going to work. I don't really have time for this today. ''
Is there something about my writing style, that people think I'm bitching about something other than what I'm bitching about? I don't think my style is that opaque. I think if I'm mad about, say, the Boilermakers, that the IU fans won't think I'm talking about them.

I wanted to have a good time in Indiana. Even after we moved to Portland I made a case that Indiana wasn't all that bad, I could adjust to its relatively minor annoyances if I had to go back for good. Instead I went back for a short visit and it was like a parody of what I remembered. What you read was me in the middle of my utter shock, going "holy shit, I didn't realize this was even possible." Don't know and don't care if Indiana was always like that and I misremembered, or became like that in the last nine years - point is, I can handle it for a few days and then MUST get on the plane. Was it wrong of me not to try to contact friends while I was there? Yes. But given how those friends have reacted to my comments, it would not have been a pleasant conversation had it happened in person.

There were places in Indiana I didn't go, that might not have deteriorated so badly. There were people I didn't see, who wouldn't have been awkward to talk to. Sorry I didn't make it that far.

Maybe you have to not be in Indiana awhile to see what I'm talking about. It's when you've been someplace that doesn't do things like, to pull an example out of a hat, drive 70mph with half a car length following distance, that seeing it again is shocking.
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