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Dick Clark
John Shepard ( - Sun Jan 1, 2012 09:48:13 GMT - 1141
When he dies, are they going to do him like Jeremy Bentham and continue to roll him out every year?

John Shepard ( - Tue Jun 7, 2011 03:07:18 GMT - 1140
I hate that I can never again use the verbal construction "now I'm not saying (unreasonable extrapolation of what I just said)..." because Glenn Beck has carefully trained people to believe that this always means "yes in fact I am saying unreasonable extrapolation".

(People in Indiana begin getting all huffy that I'm talking smack about their homie Glenn Beck in 5... 4... 3...)

The day's winners
John Shepard ( - Sat Apr 2, 2011 04:27:29 GMT - 1139
The day's better AFJs:
- Slashdot stories are micro-editable; reports LHC finds Higgs Boson and Larry Ellison busted running CEO fight club
- is selling refurbished parachutes "end-of-life closeout" "used once, never opened"
- Hackaday bought by Cheezburger Network, articles in lolspeak
- Model Railroader article about applying real weather to your layout - including sprinklers to simulate rain
- I posted on my blog that I moved back in with the Weasel, just couldn't live without that comforting, nostalgic smell and the sound of stuff breaking
- Thinkgeek: Playmobil Apple Store with "line pack" ft SegWoz, arsenic-based Mono Lake sea monkeys w optional hazmat gear, bonsai plush kitty
- XKCD is in 3D
- boingboing goes subscriber-only
- RFC6214: RFC1149 adapted for IPv6 (Security considerations: risk of infection by H5N1)
- Hulu is partying like it's 1997 - low-color animated gifs, 90s TV shows, visible image borders, shovel guy, MARQUEE etc
- IKEA introduces HUNDSTOL dog highchair
- Knut the Polar Bear to be plastinated
- "Climate Change Pushes Groundhog Day to January"
- Monotype introduces Comic Sans Pro (oh wait, that one might be real)
- Leonard Nimoy in the next Transformers movie (oh wait, that one might be real)

Just getting a head start on the day
John Shepard ( - Fri Apr 1, 2011 13:50:32 GMT - 1138
It just wasn't working out, we really needed him around after all. We just couldn't function without the abuse and the grotesquerie. I had grown to miss the smell of dirty diapers in the wind, the sound of someone beating up their dates in the next room, I missed walking in to the kitchen to find food and broken stuff on the floor. My life just wasn't complete.

So we moved back in with him.

It's all good now. All is forgiven.

Waitasec. What's today's date?

John Shepard ( - Mon Mar 21, 2011 14:14:45 GMT - 1136
There are people in America going around saying Japan is currently receiving payback for having attacked Pearl Harbor.

I don't think a clearer picture of what's wrong with America could be painted with any brush. How do people get into the adult world knowing about Pearl Harbor and not Hiroshima/Nagasaki? Is this not being taught in school anymore or something? Selective memory? Our grandparents considered the matter resolved, you know, we nuked two of their cities, we got their surrender, we even got their emperor to give up his godhood, and there are wars that began with unprovoked attacks and ended with far less harsh endgames than this, and some assholes in camo pants have decided this wasn't enough and they need to believe this is more justice?

There's no stopping the bullshit.

Actually I think it's that a lot of people can't get to terms with earthquakes and tsunamis - they are aware at every level that it could happen to the US, the same way 9/11 and Katrina happened to the US, and this fear, on its way to the surface, brings all their other fears with it, such as their fear of anyone who isn't white.

John Shepard ( - Tue Mar 8, 2011 03:22:50 GMT - 1135
Been busy.

Nothing ever happens in Portland
John Shepard ( - Sat Dec 4, 2010 18:35:48 GMT - 1134
Somebody tried to blow up my friends.
...More inside (6 kbytes)

Do the Necronomicon
John Shepard ( - Tue Nov 23, 2010 13:27:57 GMT - 1133
Finally getting around to posting my Halloween report.
...More inside (23 kbytes)

The Anti-Twilight
John Shepard ( - Wed Nov 17, 2010 05:26:33 GMT - 1132
Twilight fans should be required by law to watch Let Me In.
...More inside (8 kbytes)

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